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I live in Malaysia. As a hectic working mother, most of my remaining time from 7pm to 7am (hence the title of my blog) is spent on bringing up 2 happiest little people, Cheeky Koko and Pumpkin Mei-Mei, with my hubby Daddy Joe. Then in December 2011, we welcomed yet another happiest baby, Baby B to our family. Yes I am stuck with the number 2 in the title of the blog because obviously now I have 3 kids, but oh well, live with that k. 🙂

Although parenting sensibly while trying to ace in marriage, work and life isn’t easy, I’m hoping that through these entries of trying to make some sense (perhaps humourous one) out of the hectic life of mine, I could hear some echos of comforting “uh-huh” from other working mothers who have “been there done that” triumphantly. If nothing at all, one day, the three happiest people will find solid evidence of motherly love for them encapsulated in my words.

I love writing, swimming, travelling and reading (like duh, I told you I was a boring dinosaur mom, right?) Most days, I can be found quite busy running around playing the role of an unsuccessful working mom and a not so intelligent wife who can laugh and hug better than she can cook. That said, welcome to the hectic life of mine where motherhood, work and life turn into amusing little stories every single day.

If you like my blog and want to email me or just want to share your feedback or thoughts, you can comment on any one of the posts. It will reach me and I will then write back to you at my soonest. Yes my home is not in the most orderly manner but I am pretty digital.

Have a blessed day browsing at Seven2SevenMom’s world!

44 thoughts on “About the Author

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    • Hi Sean,

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    • Hi sarah,

      Thanks for approaching me to join in this contest. Unfortunately work is really crazy now, that I have to pass this. All the best for what seems like a really cool fun contest.


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    Please have a look at my video – https://youtu.be/xz-74nbqQho

    And share with me your thoughts and insights.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Benjamin,

      While this is a good and intelligent app to help family stay connected with one another,
      I think parenting today takes on the new challenge of how do we get children NOT to get so addicted to their
      handphone, tablets and smart gadgets. I like the track the child safety feature using GPS, but as a mother
      I like a feature that can be added on to stop kids from surfing unsafe content on the internet as well
      as blocking access to certain youtube channels.

      Hope this helps.


      • I agree with you totally. My kids fight over phone and tablet all the time. But the problem is not only them. We adult are using our gadgets all the time. That’s where I figured at least myGrupie will give the family a chance to at least be communicating with each other when they are with their gadgets. It’s not a perfect solution but a starting point.

        Thank you for your suggestions about having child-friendly content filter in myGrupie as well. Will take note of that.


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