Hope & Prayer


Let there be hope for MH370.
Picture taken using Panasonic Lumix GM1 – “Vivid Sunset Glow” setting at Penang

I have not been able to put my mind and thoughts to blogging since the whole episode of the disappearance of Malaysia Airline MAS MH370 on March 8th unfold before the eyes of a now-worldwide audience and a multinational search and rescue operation that ensued.

As with most Malaysians, my first incredible flight experience was delivered by MAS when my papa bought our whole family to Singapore on a MAS flight when I was only five years old.

Everything about the flying journey was awesome – the all-dolled up air stewardess in the gorgeous green Kebaya uniform who smiled and gave me some sweets as a treat was what I imagined a princess should look like, and when she brought out the brown colour in-flight blanket and a little pillow for me, I literally thought all angels worked in the sky!

The view above the clouds were magnificent beyond words – little soft, fluffy white clouds that floated underneath the wings of the plane reminded me of the pillows Mickey and Donald rested their heads on after a long tiring day that were made of the softest, finest cotton which carried them to their sweetest dreams.

The experience of being able to fly like birds in the sky and even rise above them and witness the warm glowing sun cast a lovely ray of rich hues over the clear blue skyline was incredibly breath-taking.

So many contradicting theories and guesses have taken place over the last eight days and none seemed to emerge as the answer as to what actually happened to Flight 370 along with its 239 crews and passengers. Perhaps because I am a mother, I can’t help but to feel sad for the family members and friends of those who were on board the ill-fated flight, especially the seven child passengers who were also in the plane.

Along with all Malaysians, my hope and prayers go out to those in the flight and their loved ones – May God sustain them, keep them safe and sound and fill their days with His loving grace until they reunite with their loved ones.

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