No Pain No Gain


Family that eats together stays together!

Like a substitute baseball player waiting for my chance to score the first run for the team, I stepped onto the digital weighing scale wearing the broadest grin as if thousands of spectators each cheering and ready to pop the bottle of bubbly in their hands to celebrate my new found slenderness finally settle into a standstill silence as they watched the digital display stop unwillingly at the number that spoke of my new weight and… they went completely awe struck with dead silence.

WHAT?!! ONLY 1.5 kilogramme after ALL that sweat of walking, swimming and cycling in the last few months? My ego and motivation fell from Mount Kota Kinabalu-high to basement-low before I roared like a nut in my own room.

Oh WAIT, silly me! I was STILL wearing my wrist watch, wedding band and a aunty-ish broad hair band on me, of course! Now THAT explained why I did not reach my goal, ahahahah. OK just remove these extra and unnecessary accessories and I would have lost at least 5 kilogrammes! Life couldn’t get any better!

So I quickly took these stuff off, went to the bathroom to pee (cuz we don’t want to and shouldn’t overburden ourselves with gross weight. We are fishing for nett weight here because this is a crucial and defining life moment) and stepped onto the weighing scale again, expecting to see a good riddance of 5 kilogrammes from my former weight, but goodness, I had just gotten a nett reduction of 1.6 kilogrammes instead of FIVE!

Gasp. This can’t be happening … Oh wait, I need to tell Daddy Joe that we need to get a new digital weighing scale for the new year! It must have spoiled because it’s been with us for about five years now! May be the battery needs replacing already or may be… The kids have just done the impossible!

I jumped up to put on my clothes and summoned all three happiest little people into my bedroom like a CEO handling a major corporate crisis. “Speak now and no one gets hurt. Who has swapped the battery inside this weighing scale with may be one of the old batteries inside Baby B’s electronic toy?” I asked carefully. “Maaa, not me or Koko because we couldn’t reach Papa’s tool box inside the store room to get to the screw driver,” came the reply from the 10 years old daughter cum first defendant.

“Eh ga be leh siii da na ish kish” the 2 years old second defendant came out with his own gibberish reason, though we all had NO idea what he was saying nonetheless we resounded with “Oh ya, Baby B? Thanks darling!” In our bid to encourage him to talk.

“Ma, just what exactly is happening? You are NOT accusing us of doing something so tiring and full of labour just because we need new battery for our toys sometimes, right?” My smart 12 years old made complete sense – anything that required too much work just ain’t worthwhile for them to do when they’d rather go for a swim and cycle around during their spare time. I opened my eyes wide and inspected the battery panel. “Plus, plus, plus, Mama, we have tonnes of new battery in the cabinet and Papa has just changed the battery for this thing like a few months back.”


One too many festivity and occasions turned my diet upside down!

“This CANNOT happen! You have seen mama walk like a nutcase every weekend… Well ALMOST every weekend around the park and I even do cycling and swimming every now and then but this machine says I have only lost 1.6kg from few months back til now!” I was in denial and rambled on like a defeated substitute player now.


Yee Sang, my favourite yearly Chinese Salad.

“But we have one too many meals during the holidays, Mama… The Christmas dinner with grand Uncle, then Christmas lunch with Grandma, followed by New Year Eve dinner with Uncle Chris, then House-warming party at Uncle Wee’s home, I am so burbing just recalling all the food that had been stuffed inside my stomach!” Continued my eldest son, “oh, and Mama you had your company’s Chinese New Year dinner just the other day, some more tossing the Prosperity Yee Sang dish with all the Sashimi Salmon that I would have loved to have helped eat some, Mama!”

“Well, yah, sure I have eaten a lot these days… and gee, we have gotten a lot of junk food in our kitchen recently, haven’t we? We have gotten ourselves comfort food like ice-cream, banana chips, assorted peanuts, biscuits, chocolates and soft drinks for those movie nights and suppers!” Oh well, I am petrified but decided to come clean in front of the happiest little people because Daddy Joe are I are the ones who do the grocery and we haven’t taken charge at controlling the diet and the type of food that we feed ourselves and our kids. I feel like an enormous, earth-shaking TRUTH has been unveiled and I really need to do something about it.

What a family eats at home pretty much determines what a child chooses to eat daily when he or she grows up. How a family eats – if the food was enjoyed with a thanksgiving heart, peppered with great conversations and loving sharing gestures and the whole
positive culture and atmosphere of eating as a family has to start young and be cultivated right from young. It wasn’t about my weight and my effort to be healthier anymore; it was to do with a mother’s sense of responsibility of making sure that the kids have the healthiest lifestyle right from the beginning.


Eat wisely live healthily — my new resolution for the family.

With that, this family has a new found corporate new year resolution to eat and live healthy, rise and shine early and make each trip to the grocery store an informed, decisive effort to stay out of junk food filled with preservative and unnecessary addictives. I am a true snacker but no pain no gain, we have an important goal to achieve in this family.

And the next round of taking my body weight? You bet it will come closer to the headline of GRACE.

2 thoughts on “No Pain No Gain

    • Not sure if it’s the genes from my parents but really hard to build muscles for me… You are just too kind but that set of ‘muscles’ come shaking everywhere That they appear to be FAT. Lol

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