Poppin’ Beauty

I sat there crunching numbers for an upcoming presentation when the Finance cum HR lady appeared right in front of me holding a piece of printed schedule in her hand.

“Good morning!!!” she greeted chirpily.

“Good morning Helen (not her real name), sunny side up, eh? You look like you have had a good rest last night, my friend!” I said.

“Yes, well, with the major budgeting season FINALLY over, I can have a good sleep! I see that it’s your turn now playing with numbers, eh? Hey, can I check with you if you could train the new recruits at 3.30pm next Wednesday?” she said while pointing to the column under my name which showed a marketing training session at mid-afternoon on a mid-week for the batch of freshies the company has recently hired .

“Helen, I am good for Wednesday and at 3.30pm but just curious, why are we starting the whole training including the ones by the bosses on a Wednesday? Aren’t the newbies more energized and alive on say, a Monday? I would suggest a Friday too but alas, they will probably be imagining all the happy hours ahead of them and think I am torturing them pouring out facts rather than beer, just sayin’.” I looked at the overall training schedule pensively.

Poppin' Beauty for my phone!

Poppin’ Beauty for my phone!

“Oh, that’s because you are not in town that Monday and Tuesday,” Helen informed me. “I am NOT? And why haven’t I got a clue about that?” I asked.

“You and half of the team and the bosses are travelling to Penang for a business meeting on Monday and Tuesday. You didn’t know? Your name is on the white board for the travelling schedule!” Helen replied.

“I didn’t know! Goodness now that I am being informed, I would have to make arrangement for my kids like pre-buy groceries this weekend, pre-arrange their school schedules and transportation and do my holy grail: pre-express some breast milk for my husband to feed the baby for the night time feeding! OK I’d better prepare a check list for my husband in case he is all stressed out taking over the mommy tasks.” I said, rather distractedly, while telling myself I love my job.

“And by the way, Helen… Yep, I am good for the training session on Wednesday. Considered done!” I quickly pen down the training date on my work calendar and set about preparing what needed to be done for my impending business travel, even if it’s only but for two days.

For two days! My working mom’s heart laments: Two days of not getting the butterfly kisses from Pumpkin Mei-Mei first thing in the morning. Two nights of not hearing Cheeky Koko’s funny jokes and his shy, “private-only”, tween-thing kiss. Two days of not getting the ballyhoo of welcome-home hugs from Baby B’s chubby arms, sealed with a loud “Muah” kiss that fill a mommy’s heart with that tingling sweet devotion of love so pure.

I called Daddy Joe immediately to share my travelling plan and to my surprise, he was as unruffled as the calm surface of Tasik Chini (a famous lake in Pahang). “OK, so you are cool with getting the kids all sorted out for the morning and through the night, Hun?” I asked, feeling a tad of rejection that he is quite OK with my absence. I mean, I am supposed to be the princess queen of his life, right?

“Darling, it’s only two days and we can always call each other to chat. It’s like we will miss you for only one night but when we open our eyes the next morning and go about our work or studies, you will be home in the evening already! Come on… When you miss the kids at night, their faces are all over in your phone camera and at the back of your phone anyway!” Okaaay, move over Marry Poppins, Daddy Joe has it all figured out—Thus came the cool reassurance from husband although secretly the wifey was hoping that he would say that she was totally irreplaceable. 😦

I hung up and turned over my phone to look at my latest phone cover from Pop My Case and admired the gorgeous print of my kids that was shot by a friend.

Get your own personalised smartphone case at http://www.popmycase.com

Get your own personalised smartphone case at http://www.popmycase.com

When one of the guys behind Pop My Case dropped me an email last month to share about how personalized smartphone case is the IT thing, I was under the impression that such a thing was only for the fashionable generation X (or was it Gen Y?) to immortalize their own creative imprints and personal pictures on gadgets.

Then in the midst of a few killing work-related deadlines and all, I just hurried through the selection of the pictures I wanted


Eenie meenie miney mo… I chose the one with the 3 kids just so that I can always have all 3 of them with me when I am away for work! (Oh well, sort of…)

and emailed two photos back to the same guy (who by the way, is a really cool Malaysian dude with a triumphant vision for his products). Within a few days, got back two mock-up artworks in my email on how the cases would look like eventually, selected the one I thought was the best and voila, received my brand new phone case, all in a week’s time! The colour output of the fully-wrapped image over the case is beautifully crisp and clear— the end result which makes the photo of my happy little people comes alive fine and sharp as if it has popped right out of a laminated photo paper.

Needless to say, the sturdy phone case was a hit in my office and the fact that Pop My Case being a Malaysian company has gotten such cool and lovely line of phone cases – some of which are collaboration with homeland artists, is just simply brilliant! Of course, unless one hasn’t got a studio styled portrait (but who doesn’t have a good selfie these days?), the bestsellers remain the ones that can be customized and personalized with personal photos. Time to bring out those beautiful bridal portraits, shots of the baby’s first toothy grins or even shots of your cool Mini!

Honestly, to save us both from possible old age related heart attack, I am thinking of giving my man and myself two phone cases printed with our wedding photo to look at everyday so that when we are both semi-senile at 80 years old we won’t get entirely too shocked over who the heck is that white-haired, wrinkly creature sleeping next to us in the morning! 😀

As for the working mama here, business trip or not, it’s a definite sunshine cheer for the day just to see the little faces I love so dearly every minute of the day even if I am fighting a crisis somewhere up north in the corporate world. 🙂

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