Reading My Way To Be A Better Mom

image10Weariness does not even begin to describe what I feel these days. And being a working mom, I suppose I am not entitled to complaint either. Didn’t I choose this path of trying to juggle the demands of work and family, so that for a few hours a day I can sneak off the perennial duties of cleaning the poops, preparing the dishes, butting heads with my tweens and beating the traffic jams with the other 300 moms to get to school on time, all in the name of work?

Not that I intentionally want to escape these responsibilities but I have done some soul searching over the years and frankly, I couldn’t find good domestic skills and quality that I’d be proud to flaunt around. For one, I have never been a domestic goddess though I find a major spring cleaning on a quiet Saturday is delightfully therapeutic for me. I am not very creative with my meal planning for the family either. Chicken is always just stir-fried with ginger and cooking wine Chinese style, occasionally it goes into the crock pot for Chinese herbal soup, and when the kids crave for something western, the kitchen of a working mom just does not have enough fresh herbs to make fancy dishes on a whim (like who would stock fresh thyme, rosemary, bay or sage when you live in the reality of Asia). At most it is roasted with a pinch of dried herbs, cheated by the aroma of butter and sometimes bottled sauces. And I have trained the happiest little people to eat salads simply because it uses less of my unimaginative culinary skills.

I would really like to start a gardening project on our apartment’s balcony but then I have caused the death of more plants than I would like to admit and as such this remains both a challenge and a dream until I retire into the sunset. I can sew though, and that’s probably the only quality I can boast of being at home with motherhood, but I have only sewn costumes for Halloween and dolls that can only last for a night. I have gathered some bits and pieces of keepsake fabric to make a baby quilt for each of my baby but they have somehow grown a lot bigger over the years and way faster than I could catch up on my sewing.

So this 7pm to 7am mom is always fascinated with stay home moms and work at home moms. To me, they are the angels God place on earth to make a house, a home. They are the lighthouse of their family—A superb home manager, an educator, a multitasker and a supportive cheerleader, all of whom I am not, at least not on a full time basis.

It is no wonder that there are numerous parenting books targeting moms (who are still trying to champion a personal cause to be a better MOM) like me that make it to the New York Times Bestsellers every year. Yes these mortal moms such as I want to learn why French kids don’t throw food on the dinner food. Heck, there is even Chicken Soup in the form of a book for working moms. We are intrigued by why the Tiger Mama raises the most disciplined kids and we want to know why poor Daddy doesn’t need to produce poor kids. For the most part, we want to know how to raise up obedient children who love God wholeheartedly without losing our own hair and sanity.

It’s as if I could float to a different dimension with a book in hand — books take my mind to places other than the frenzied world outside my office and my quiet respite (also called my bedroom). They take me to a fictional place of perfection where I can cook a variety of amazing, nutritious meals with my freshly harvested veg and herbs from my own little garden. May be even a place where I can imagine a calmer and more organised me bathed in sunshine smile all day long even if I have just had a bad day at work. Not just books, but magazines as well. I like to go straight to the parenting section of any magazines and read about the latest scoop on parenting, home decoration and family health.

I know that I am having a secret love affair with books and magazines but please don’t wake me up from this little world of fantasy that I could escape into… for now, the quilting, cooking, gardening and domestic chores 101 will need to wait as I enter into a place of literacy sanctuary to embrace my shortcoming and make peace with my own parenting constraints. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of this dreamy indulgence? Guess what? It’s happening!

From now til 28 Sept 2013, Seven2SevenMom is proud to partner with Zinio, the world’s largest digital newsstand, for a fantastic giveaway that is easy to win! There are a total of 10 absolutely free digital magazine subscriptions for Seven2SevenMom’s readers from all over the world, so if you want it, grab it FAST!

10 Winners can each choose any title offered on Zinio — *subscription length depends on which title you choose (they’re all different – in the description of a particular title at you’ll find how many issues comes in the subscription). For me, I am going to get the Good Housekeeping to perfect the whole art of mothering. Yay!

Zinio has thousands of top magazines from around the world and you can browse and purchase subscriptions or single issues instantly from your computer or mobile device to read wherever and whenever you like. Check out its Z-Pass, where you can even get 3 magazines for a low monthly flat rate!

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Act now… fellow readers! 🙂

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