Fashionably Green

Be Green BebeOf late, organic clothing has landed in our home on a grand scale. Apart of me is a green mama at heart who yearns to let my kids enjoy the beauty of mother earth the way I am enjoying it for as long as possible. Be it recycling, sorting out our rubbish accordingly or making conscious lifestyle choices that are friendly to mother earth; I am all for it. Did I mention that I am starting to cycle a lot these days? Reducing some carbon emission whenever I can while trying to pedal into an enchanting land filled with nostalgic childhood memories.

The other part of me is this smalltime office lady who is living a self-serving notion that I want to be really comfortable in my dressing on my off days or mommy days. I’m really not that young anymore. I don’t really care if the ultra-mini skirt in lace is making a comeback now or if Taylor Swift totally rocks in frilly dresses. I don’t have the time to think over my style or the lack of it; neither do I have the time to research into the latest fashion trend. I just want soft and comfort next to my skin and it deserves nothing but the best in organic clothing.

Two months back this happened in my bedroom— I was planning a casual mother-daughter’s out-and-about with Pumpkin Mei-Mei, so I slipped into a pair of bright green leggings matched with a cool brown short-sleeved cotton tunic for the day. As I quickly combed my new short bob, put on just a hint of colour on my pale lips and felt completely pleased that I finally look quite fine to go out now, Pumpkin Mei-Mei was quietly absorbing the entire scene of her mom’s spur-of-the-moment wardrobe choice.

Then, then, then she made the most dreaded comment of the century— “Maaaaa, are you seriously wearing this to go out?”

Right. And you thought you have gotten past the age of seeking approval from MOM about your choice of clothing. Then DAUGHTER starts to dish out unsolicited disapproval on that ONE FINE DAY you want to feel liberated in fashions.

“Why, wh..what’s wrong with this outfit?” I asked glancing down at my own reflection in the mirror and still feel quite pleased with the pop of colour on my bottom half. “Mama, this traffic light green legging is hideous! It’s.. it is a bit too much for your age and it’s aunty-ish,” she laughed while dispensing her free fashion advice.

“Pumpkin, mama is really not thaaat old you know,” I replied defensively. “Also, this is a pair of organic pants, so comfy that mama’s legs are sleeping in it now! This green colour? You are just not used to my new sense of fashion called a pop of colour! It’s all the rage in fashions magazines now,” I continued. (Ok, may be I wasn’t very honest but honesty is dead when you have to defend your “maturing” fashion sense to a 9 years old audience).

“I should have bought you the same pair of leggings too! Hey, we can play twins, what do you think? Organic clothing is truly good for you too as you have such a sensitive skin.” I rambled on, ignoring the preteen’s mild protest.

That morning I painted the town green dressed in my traffic light green organic leggings and brown tee. 🙂
While my choice of colour for that day may not have been appreciated by my small set, my choice of organic clothing for them feels completely wholesome inside out. It is all very sad that the happiest little people all have a varying degree of over-sensitive skins that manifest into eczema and patches of flare ups that feel like flaming itches on their skins.

Because the very clothing one puts on could sometimes be the source of many skin conditions such as dermatitis and mild to serious allergic reaction, I do think that little babies and toddlers who have very delicate skin deserve a lot of TLC (Tender Loving Care) in how we care for their total wellbeing, including choosing the most gentle baby toiletries, clothes, bed sheets, towels, pillows, soft toys and accessories that are kind to their skin. Even such minute details as the choice of baby detergent and choosing mattress, pillow that are anti-dust mite will benefit them in the long run, especially for kids with a family medical history of sensitive skin conditions.

Organic clothing is essentially made out of cotton that are grown on soil free of pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and toxic substances – all of the irritants and baddies we don’t need in our environment and certainly not in such intimate contact with our bodies.

Green fashion is good for the entire planet too. Normally organic cotton is grown with sustainable practices that are friendly to the earth and the air. So I like to put money on where it matters to my family and my little ones for years to come. Anyway, let me just go ahead and gush about this little local online shop called Be Green Bebe which sells a range of gorgeous organic clothing brands for little ones.


Baby B who was born in the year of the Rabbit has an Old Rectory pyjamas from the e-boutique which comes in a cute Rabbit printed in a lovely shade of green. (No, not my traffic light green, although I am still conspiring with friends in the fashions industry that it’s the next IT shade!) I must confess that I secretly put this on him 4 nights out of a week. If it wasn’t because I have had to wash it due to his constant drooling which causes too much waterworks, I would have let him wear it into his sweet slumber every night!

The PJ is dreamily comfy, made with the finest organic cotton that feels oh-so-soft, and retains its beautiful shape even with such frequent washing. The brand originates from Ireland and I love their vintage-inspired prints, all of which are reminiscent of the British countryside.

If I could invest into the future of our mother earth through the choice I make as a mother today, the marriage of organic and beauty will win my votes for supporting good companies with a heritage in being kind to the earth.

Yes, like I always said, beauty is subjective and may be I should even rethink about my traffic light green. But organic clothing? Totally!


Of late, this green mama is doing fancy work on her own collection of photo, such as the one where Baby B seems to be lying down on a countryside with the background picture coming from Photopin at:

photo credit: <a href=”http://<a href=””>normanack</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;

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