Mothering Journey

Wishing I could make time stand still ...

Wishing I could make time stand still …

Pumpkin Mei-Mei and I carefully climbed into our bed lying quietly next to Baby B like two trained Ninjas guarding their master Shifu who was meditating under the open skies. We watched in silence as Baby B’s round tummy rose up and down in a calming rhythm of deep breathing, afraid to interrupt the exhausted toddler who had finally snoozed off after spending the whole evening playing, snacking and babbling non-stop.

“Mama, was I as cute as Baby B when I was a baby?”  Ever the perceptive child since she was just a baby, I knew this was one of Pumpkin Mei-Mei’s “middle-child moments” again. “Of course you were, darling, you were the prettiest baby girl I ever saw and fell in love with right at the moment you came out of my tummy. You had so much hair, skin as fair as your papa and the sweetest biggest, roundest eyes… unlike your Koko.”

“Oh, the fact that he super-irritates me sometimes, he must be an ugly baby” she scoffed. “Oh no, sweetie pie,” I chuckled, “you cannot say like that about your big brother. Well, he just looked “Chinese”, like mama… small, slanted eyes and darker skin but even then, I thought he was the most handsome baby because he was my first born. And I have loved him, you and Baby B right when each of you was still in my big tummy.” I said with a smile then tucked her into my bed. It was her “family bed night” which meant she got to sleep with us for the night. “Mama, you remember how each of us was when we were a baby?” she asked thoughtfully.

“You know, there is a special place in the deepest part of every mommy’s heart that helps her remember every special journey and time she has spent with her child. And in this special place, it’s where I store my love for each of you and all of the special memories of you guys: Your unique characters, things you all said and did that always bring out a smile in me,” I kissed her good night as she swiftly drifted off to snooze land.

I love you when you were in my womb. I love you now. I love you forever!

I love you when you were in my womb. I love you now. I love you forever!

Later when Daddy Joe came into the room I announced chirpily that I finally decided to just stop at having 3 kids.  He literally turned pale hearing this. “What, you were actually STILL thinking of this? I thought we have agreed that we are not Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!” His voice quivered. “Certainly dear. But don’t you miss the cuddly hug of a baby, the sweet scent that smells so good and the pint-sized clothes and pillows? I just love to feel these things all over again. May be I am just nostalgic!”  I said longingly.

“But we gave you THAT just over a year ago and here, the whole bundle of cuddly joy with the scent so sweet dressed in a pint-sized pyjamas is sleeping right next to you now, in case you haven’t noticed!” He pointed at Baby B then briefly admired his own mini-me who had kicked away his blankie in his sleep. “Anyway, I’m just saying that I miss each of them when they were a baby. May be it’s a working mom’s guilt or something. How do I get over this bit of gloom feeling like I never get to spend enough time with them and that I have missed some of the important milestones of their growth, like their first steps, the first time they tasted puree, because I was at work. I was in the OFFICE possibly typing something completely insignificant when my baby tried his first taste of food!” My dramatic self was bursting through the roof.

“Someone out there should invent something where I can go back to the time when these precious moments take place.” I continued, then remembering that indeed, SOMEONE has already done that!

“Dear, what’s past is a past. You are a very devoted working mother and the kids love you. That’s all that matter,” Daddy Joe assured me before stepping into the shower.

I snapped out of my daydream and quickly tiptoed to my desktop so that I can test out this new app developed by Friso Gold, called the Friso Gold JourneyCam App. It is this uber-cool app for busy mothers like me to easily convert photos of time spent with our kids into a neat video. I always have big expectations for kids-related apps in general — they must be mommy friendly, easy to install and won’t act up or crash easily. I already have a white-noise app I used to get Baby B into a deep slumber, a few life-saving recipes apps for those “no-idea-what-to-cook dinner night” and a few other moms-friendly apps that have made my busy life waaay better… Come on, we already have 80 things to multitask in a day, so in my opinion, apps in general absolutely CANNOT take more than fifteen minutes to work or requires complicated installation. If not, somewhere between fetching the diaper and nagging the happiest little people to finish their homework, I would have lost all of my sanity and creativity.

This Friso Gold JourneyCam app is my new love! It allows me to upload a maximum of 7 photos and convert them to a short, smart-alecky video via Facebook. I decided that I would go with a travelling theme considering that we have had many amazing family adventures locally and regionally. I managed to upload the photos onto the app easily and from then on, it was a cinch to add a few fun captions, funky frames and then ta-da… I have made a fairly cool video for our travel tales in 15 minutes pronto.

Now I could relive my travelling moment with the kiddos over and over again, and I can even show this video on each of their wedding day as Daddy Joe and I deliver our heartfelt speech to some well-heeled guests, all the while shedding a happy tear or two. OK… I am going a little too far but this is fun!

One can create as many albums or videos as one likes but the best is yet to come. Friso Gold is even rewarding app users with a chance to win generous prizes, Yay! From 19 August to 15 September 2013, the first 20 participants of each of the 4 weeks stand to win a personalized photo album. There are also 8 grand prizes which is essentially, gasp… A 3D2N stay at the luxurious Westin Langkawi  Resort & Spa for a family for 4 ( 2 adults & 2 kids) which also includes outdoor experiences!

Friso Gold JourneyCam App

Win cool prizes when you use the Friso Gold JourneyCam App!

If like me, reliving those special motherhood moments and capturing them in some form of video albums are vital to your wellbeing and sanity, here’s what you can do:

Step 1 : Like Friso Gold Facebook page at

Step 2: Upload 7 photos, from FB album or desktop

Step 3: Customise your frames & include captions

Step 4: Complete your registration form

By using the app during the contest period, your video will automatically enter as a contest entry. One can even opt to download the video once completing all steps. How cool is that.

I must have looked like I was in a trance. Daddy Joe came out from his shower and seeing that I was in my “element” as he liked to call me whenever I was really into something I love doing like blogging or reading at night, he just sneaked out of the room quietly. I bet he was happy that I had found an outlet to preserve these special memories instead of dwelling further into the possibility of The Brady Bunch. 🙂


photo credit: <a href=””>PRAVEEN VENUGOPAL</a> via <a href=””>photopin> <a href=””>cc</a>

photo credit: <a href=””>Alain Bachellier</a> via <a href=””>photopin> <a href=””>cc</a>

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