One for all, all for one. What fun we have, the time we share. My brother, my friend. Brothers til the end. ~ Unknown author

One for all, all for one. What fun we have, the time we share. My brother, my friend. Brothers til the end. ~ Unknown author

Three years ago, our eldest, Cheeky Koko, then 8 years old, came home from school one day around August and shocked his daddy and I while we were happily digging into our plates asking, “Papa, Mama, can we add a little baby to our family?”

Jaws dropped, stunned and speechless all at the same time, the stir-fry vege and curry rice we were scooping into our mouth fell off the edge of our spoons as we tried hard not to choke. This is the kind of Red Alert event that causes one’s discernment and creativity to falter into the deepest pit of darkness.  After a short pause while we collected our thoughts, we stammered along trying to explain to him that baby being a gift from God is not just something we could have at the snap of our fingers and I think at some point, we even briefly touched about the unprofitable micro economy of an additional child to two very bewildered children which got them EVEN MORE confused. Not very quick-witted, I’d say, but I was far from being prepared for a family dinner discussion as enormous as this. (Of course, we have since perfected the art of reacting positively to the happy little people and polished up on putting up a brave front, even when being asked 201 embarrassing questions at family gatherings, come what may.)

We now know that secretly Cheeky Koko was determined to make his wish come true and so, few months down the road ‘round Christmas, he did not just ask for the latest Lego from God whom he thought come dressed bundled up as Santa Claus. That Christmas, he deposited an extra item on his wish list with God. Lo and behold, within 3 months I had an almost-impossible but happy surprise finding out that I was pregnant with a third child! Almost resembling the excitement in Britain over the arrival of the royal baby, Baby B got pushed into our life during Christmas time amidst much fanfare within this small family.

Strengthened by his own faith, Cheeky Koko was the happiest person when Baby B was born because this was the little buddy and play mate he was praying for. We have all heard of the faith of a child that comes trickling into one’s life that can potentially be as immense as the opening of the floodgate of Heaven. Indeed, when Cheeky Koko asked, he was given! No question posted from Heaven.

Along with all the wonderful discovery about how miniature this baby brother was and how this wee one resembled the Red Angry Bird when pooping, Cheeky Koko was thrilled to find out that the storks would go on a holiday during Christmas time because instead of the stork, his mama has had to do this “painful birth thing” for close to six hours in a hospital for this special delivery from God.

From then on, right at the moment when Daddy Joe and I arrived home from the hospital with this baby brother until now, 19 months later, there has been such tender affection flowing from the big brother to Baby B that truly, nothing could ever separate the two Amigos from the very special bond they share, just like a perfect pair of socks that are match made for each other.

Despite the wide age gap of almost a decade between them, Cheeky Koko relishes his role as the enthusiastic big brother ever eager to help out his little Amigo, whether it is about carrying him, playing with him, babysitting, feeding him and even teaching him cool stuff that boys do, while Baby B always looks up to his older brother for company, constant laughter and fun.

My work-related stress vanished as the sight of the two Amigos connecting with one another just made the gleaming sunset that much more spectacular this evening.
Like BFF, the perfect pair of baby socks must have these qualities, as adapted from the Wikipedia:

comfy socks

1)    The right sizes. Just like apparel, baby socks come in different sizes and to cater for different stages of these new walkers or crawlers. The right size of baby socks should not move up and down his leg which may cause mild abrasion. A good brand of baby socks will offer at least four sizes from baby through toddler stages.

Anti Slip

2)    Good arch supports and anti-slip material. These protect soft muscles, tendons and bones and thus must be able to offer good grip and a comfortable, snug feeling. The arch support helps prevent the sock from bunching up whereas anti-slip feature ensure little new walkers and runners will slip and trip less. It also protects the baby every time he steps forward, softening impact and reducing stress on the soft baby heels.

3)    Good cotton quality. Denser socks wick more moisture and provide cushion for a longer period of time. They support the feet better, last longer and are great to keep little toes warm. I often put on a thick pair of socks for Baby B during night time just to keep his feet warm.

Baby B wears a pair of socks every night to keep his feet warm during bed time.

Baby B wears a pair of socks every night to keep his feet warm during bed time.

As assuring as the BFF bond that Cheeky Koko and Baby B share, I cannot get enough of a good pair of baby socks from Baby’s Fashion Fling, short for BFF which are made delightfully soft, gentle, anti-slip, breathable and trendy. Shop at

4)    Reinforced heels and toes. With all the excitement of exploring the world with their new found walking skills, good socks with reinforced heels and toes ensure that they are not worn out too quickly.

5) Baby B is wearing cutesy socks from Baby’s Fashion Fling, an online baby and kids fashion store with a wondrous collection of socks that oozes comfort and cute factor!

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