Family Moments Aplenty

It’s International Day of Families today, a day to bridge the gap with our family, to foster unity and build loving relationships that last a life time.

Last Saturday, realising that LOVE exists right where we are as a family, in our daily life, in the midst of my hectic life filled with an incredulous amount of work at the office, the house chores, my “wifey” support to Daddy Joe, the kids, and my overdosed coffee, I took out my camera to snap away precious moments of time spent with the kids, hoping that one day they will warmly remember that:

1) We have served Maggi instant noodles as a snack while they study for their exam papers. Sorry about the MSG but the parents grow up on this snack since the 1970s so this is totally acceptable (in defence of the Malaysian way of life). We just needed some Chicken Essence to complete the picture.
2) Their dad has an impressive fresh water fish tank. It is a small tank but it keeps Daddy Joe occupied for hours happily cleaning up the algae residents, and siphoning or changing the water that momentarily while boasting about how great his fish are, he would actually forget about going for the bike ride thus leaving mama all alone in the house going nuts with the three energetic kids. So Mama (who needs to work harder on wiping off that sheepish grin) is in total bliss with the whole fish tank and all of its residents, fish and algae wise. tank

3) Although she never was and will never be a Tiger Mama, this mama has made the kids practise their piano without much yelling and nagging (BUUUUT, she did bribe reward them with TV time as a small reward OCCASIONALLY). piano

4) We have always had lovely dinner time together where kids are picture perfect sitting down without throwing food at each other and where funny, meaningful conversations did take place (Amen!). OK, there WERE times they would fight verbally but I have decided that it’s all part of growing up NORMALLY, really.)

These precious moments will reside in my memory forever, reminding me to be grateful for the simple happiness and love that can be found in everyday life.

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