ImageLife is not very fair.

Like you want to live in a mansion that has your initials shaped into the marvellous shrubs in the garden that match that of the other posh mansions in the neighbourhood. And you sit on a Ralph Lauren sofa eating Nachos served with Salsa sauce bought from a boutique grocer called Ben’s.

But in reality you live in a single storey link house where the new postman struggles to find your house number because your neighbour’s pick-up truck is blocking your mailbox with its truck load of newly bought rubber mattress and plastic chairs. And so you put down your Kacang Putih (an assorted mix of local peanuts and Indian murukku) and run out to holler your house number to the postman for the second time of the week after he has wrongly delivered your mails to the wrong house again.

Like you want to step out of a sexy Audi A4 rocking that Jennifer Anniston (particularly when she was THE Rachel Green in Friends) hair that everyone wants but in reality, your hair looks more fried than chic because you bought that hair straightening treatment via one of those daily offer coupons and when you finally walked out of that obscure and dodgy hair salon tucked in the corner of suburb into that old, first-generation of a forsaken car, both your soul and your hair cried.

Like when you need to reach office by 9am for the weekly Monday meeting and painstakingly ironed your work clothes the night before but the gorgeous silk blouse just tore apart moments after your overfed body decided to force its way into it. And after rummaging through your closet to find the next suitable blouse and ironing it, you actually step out of the house only at 9am.

Like when you were having this major crush over the cute prefect boy in high school and the only chance you could say hi to him you screwed it up by actually tripping over a small stone and went down school history disgracefully as the female humpty dumpty. Oh, the classic nursery rhyme found a new twist because of this)

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, (Seven2SevenMom walked on a road)
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. (Seven2SevenMom had a great fall)
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men (All the boy’s memories and all the boy’s presence)
Couldn’t put Humpty together again. (Couldn’t imagine they would ever be together at all.)

So the cute prefect never remembered your name but how your face turned tomato red afterward.

Like, your son, like, says like after like, every sentence, like so annoying despite what you have told him for like, a thousand times already.

But I have decided long time ago that life is precious and worthwhile to look to the joy side even on your darkest days because after the thunderstorm, there will always be the most amazing rainbow that signifies hope and lots of good promises.

Like I’d care about my over-fried hairstyle.

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