Bright Start With The Right Breakfast

When I was growing up, my breakfast consisted of a cup of MILO (Chocolate Malt Drink) and a piece of bread with jam or Kaya (Homemade coconut jam made by mixing coconut milk, eggs, pandan leaves and sugar). For those mornings when we have overslept and needed a quick breakfast, my mother would make me a cup of MILO and two half-boiled eggs.

I had this simple breakfast everyday for many years until I was in Form 1 or so when I began to skip breakfasts because I was always in a rush to get to school. However, I stuck to my cup of MILO for the day, which gave me the jolt of energy and imagination I needed as a teenager.

Fast forward to this age and time, I am constantly at my wit’s end trying to prepare breakfast for an 11-year-old preteen boy with a monstrous-size appetite (think the incarnation of Shrek), a 9-year-old picky Miss who is also allergic to a long list of nuts and seafood and a babbling 1-year-old toddler with non-stop demand to taste everything I am having, including my rice, soup, chicken, noodles, tofu, and even my mobile phone and keys.

Ok, forget about the latter which do not make it to the Seven2SevenMom’s bucket list of the most nutritious breakfasts, ;P but the point is a working mama like me just DON’T have the BEST ideas at every snap of the finger, especially because I was up 4 times the night before, breastfeeding a toddler (Hmmm…. *Speechless*, what to do when the baby whisperer think it is just a passing phase that a child this age is feeling the separation anxiety and thus wakes up multiple times a night just to check if I am near him)!

If you are time-deprived juggling family and work like me, here’s a groovy, quick breakfast recipes perfect for kids to start their day right:
Fruit-Oat-licious Breakfast

1) Prepare oats in any way you like. I usually add 3 heap tablespoon of instant oats with 2 tablespoon of milk powder into a small bowl of freshly boiled hot water. This ensures kids get some Calcium from the milk source. It should look like this:

instant oatmeal2

2) Sprinkle loads of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed or any nuts (I skip the nuts as Pumpkin Mei-Mei is allergic to nuts). Alternatively, I like to add on my favourite natural food Chia Seeds. Chia Seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, fibre, protein and some calcium.

chia seeds

3) My kids insist to top it with a tablespoon of MILO to add a nice chocolatey taste to this otherwise a grownup’s version of a healthy breakfast.


4) Cut up lots of fruits from the likes of apple, banana, kiwi, blueberries to even jackfruits and add them into the oat mix. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and many phyto-nutrients and dietary fibre. Love them!


5) I sometimes top it up with some raisins and granola. See how pretty it can be even though they are eating something so healthy.


So what’s serving at your breakfast table tomorrow? Make sure it is served with love! ❤

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