Party in the Happy Universe

doorgiftThe scavenger scoured through every nook and cranny of the house for the ultimate glittery prize he could lay his hands on. He pursued swiftly like an eagle as he lifted the mattress, moved the toy box, ransacked the sofa cushion and seized the laundry basket. His watchful eyes scanned like a hawk until he uncovered a small glimpse of hope at the dark corner off the beaten track.

Every now and then when he found a 20 cents coin which was abandoned behind the sofa cushion or a 5 cents coin from his dad’s well-worn pants in the dirty laundry pile, my eldest son, Cheeky Koko would announce ecstatically, “Now my total saving reaches RM11.75, which means I am only RM38.25 short to buying my happiness!”

Welcome to the pre-birthday scavenger hunt acted and directed by Cheeky Koko in the humble household of ours, where the kids have long learned that toys and gifts are only bought twice a year, one is during his or her birthday and the other during Christmas.
Even then, they have to work hard at earning one’s keep because the annual budget is fixed humbly by a complex system based on school achievement and angelic attitude. It sounds like Corporate America’s KPI but really, it is a lot less complicated, despite Cheeky Koko’s demonstration of a desperate scavenger in search of some hidden coins few weeks leading up to his birthday.

The sweet reality is that behind Cheeky Koko’s yearly self-directed (amusing) drama, the little creative brains of his mommy dearest work really hard to deliver home-made happiness for him and his sister whenever it is birthday party time.

Cheeky Koko had a special Transformer robot costume made by his proud mama using recycled carton boxes when he was five. Though it was hard for him to walk or move properly in it, I thought he was the cutest looking Optimus Prime on earth. Pumpkin Mei-Mei had an Angry Birds themed birthday party two years ago when all of the decorations and activities were Angry Birds related and all of the food lovingly cooked and decorated to the theme by mommy.

That said, to have baked that smashing birthday cupcakes or put forward that ultra-cool party decoration that Martha Stewart would approve of and still look smoking’ hot as Heidi Klum (the ultimate Glam Mommy) is no mean feat. sweet

As I browse through some older photos of my kids’ birthday parties, I noticed I was the only one looking every inch the unglamorous host in my home-wear tee and shorts. There was no time to put on that red lippy or get that dishevelled hair of mine into a chic hairstyle given the works involved to raise the happy index of the happiest little people.
AB cupcake
I was searching for some cool birthday ideas for Cheeky Koko’s birthday celebration a while ago and came across a fairly new children party planning service called Party Hat from KL, which I think will bring an end to me being like a headless chicken for my kids birthday party. This wonderful team of kids-friendly party helpers can decorate a party as whimsical as you want, plan the activities for the little ones without charging a bomb and even take care of the personalised party printouts, which is just perfect for the non-Martha -Stewart-material mama like yours truly.medium_2689052349

Pumpkin Mei-Mei would be thrilled with the Princess Pamper Party whereby she can pretend to be the loveliest princess from the Happy Kingdom throwing a fairytale-worthy birthday with all her princess friends getting pampered with nail colouring, makeup, hair styling and princess tiara and awesome craft time. To end the party in style, the package includes goody bag for each little princess too. princess cake

Check it out at:

True, I may still not be able to host a kid’s birthday party like a celebrity mom, but somewhere out there, my team of angels from Party Hat will help me turn dreams into an organised reality that the kids will remember for the rest of their lives. Cooool!

Images are from my own collection, except for “Snow White”:
photo credit: Scott Smith (SRisonS) via photopin cc

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