The Working Mama’s Wardrobe

Some women have it and some do not. I used to have it but now I have lost it. My sense of fashions and style, that is.


The company I work for is housed in a business building at a buzzling suburb. Everyday the lobby packs a phenomenal mass of energy before and after the nine to five office hours window when scores of business executives, most of whom dress the part of a successful population smoke fashionably (much to my annoyance) and chat away as they wait for their turns at the lift lobby to go to their respective offices to take the boardroom by storm with another brilliant idea or artfully nail down another million ringgit deal.

As the Seven2SevenMom joins the long league of powerful executives at the lift lobby to get to her office daily, she tries very hard to emulate these shrew business people in coming out with the next BIG, breakthrough idea—- which dreadfully never actually came through because her mind is always accommodating the many minor compartments of the three happiest little people who rule her life. In that eternally long ten-minute of waiting time, she is often thus left to observe and compare her own lack of style with the fashionable chicks in front of her.


In typical urban fashion, these working fashionistas sure know how to work the oomph into their work attires with ladder-climbing style. One gorgeous office lady donned bright hot pink pencil skirt paired with a semi sheer black blouse and layered with a three-quarter-sleeved black cardigan and just to give it a youthful vive, she cleverly matched her look with a cute pink Miu Miu.

Then, there’s the upcoming manager who looks fabulously chic in a classic DVF wrap dress, accessorised with chunky, strappy black heels. She commanded the eyes when she walked past the admiring crowds and I bet, all the way to the boardroom. Young executives look sharp in their navy blouse paired with a white boxy jacket and a pair of long white pants that show off their endlessly long legs.

Pitifully, during the short few minutes of restroom break, the Seven2SevenMom often realized that for the umpteenth time in that week, she has FORGOTTEN to comb her short bob, thinking that her hair which had been cut and straightened would find its own way to connect with style and order.

And almost immediately she would bang her head against the restroom wall remembering how flattered she felt that morning when a few hot CEO-looking men and charismatic-looking women looked intensely at her as she walked down the hallway, who were actually, really horrified that some mothers just never had time to take care of their looks. They probably jot down mentally and on their smart phones with messages like” Note to self: Never get married and if I did, NEVER get a baby lest I look like THIS woman.”

And if I took another minute to look at what I had managed to put together for work, I would always have a hard time recalling when the baby’s spit up had found its way to the centre of my lovely shift dress that was such a steal from the recent Zara sale.

Every now and then I do look “put together” but it is so hard to look good when you are just rushing about chasing madness, three happiest kids, cooking, some desserts, house chores, work piles, coffee and more desserts. If Isaac Mizrahi, an American fashion designer, dared say this: Half the time I don’t even think about it, I just throw something on because I’m so late or so busy.

Then fashions and style have not eluded me. They are just out for a walk and will be back soon when I have mastered this whole juggling act.

Happy International Women’s Day, may you be gloriously praised and loved for who you are inside and not what you wear on the outside.

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photo credit: <a href=””>Connie Arida</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;

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