The Prego Woman Goes Click Click

A little over a month before I was due to give birth to my 3rd baby, now nicknamed Baby B, a friend of mine who had been doing professional family portrait services in Singapore, Emme, told me that she would like to shoot some maternity portraits of mine so that I could have the special journey immortalized in prints.

I laughed hysterically for a whole twenty nights upon learning that my dear friend wanted to embark on this project.

First of all, the idea of me standing in front of a camera with my watermelon-sized tummy protruding along with the muffin tops and jelly arms that had deviously built a camp on my maternal body was a joke by itself.


Secondly, the story of my ex-colleague’s relative was still clearly being replayed in my head. Oh, you have not heard of that one, huh?

The story went that a certain relative of her had beautifully captured some intimate shots of her pregnancy and decided to share those pictures with all of the attendees at the full moon party. For the uninitiated, the older Malaysians, like a guardian and preserver of many good ole traditional values cannot accept well something that was so new age.

When the album was passed around showing few ‘distracting’ pictures of the expecting couple embracing each other covering strategically in the sheerest cloths only on those areas deemed necessary, a few older gentlemen and sweet old ladies almost passed out from acute heart attack. So thanks, but no thanks.

Anyway I was finally at peace with the decision to go with her idea because it was a long and hard fought war to finally get this baby at this ripe old age of mine (I was in my late twenties when I had the first two kids and it was almost a decade before I won the birth plan war against my man).

The day came and went so quickly when you are expecting and working and taking care of the family all at the same time. We moved away some of our furniture, got Cheeky Koko and Pumpkin Mei-Mei out of the way with some toys to prevent any distraction to our photography session and after what seemed an eternity as I tried to squeeze myself into whatever maternity clothes I could still fit by then, Emme had me at clicking already! We took about only 10 shots in total but by the time we finished our first shot, my confidence started building up as I entrusted my friend to capture those cherished moments in the comfort of my own home.

Looking back, I was not in the best form having had a late night the night before attending a pre-wedding dinner at another friend’s house but gosh, she made good of those shortcomings with her brilliant use of natural sunlight and her ability to make one feel so at ease.

Here are some of the shots from the session that I thought really captured my happy journey then.


Seeing Baby B’s sweetest smile now, I think he inherited the pulsating joy and love I felt connected with him then. And big thanks to my pix-woman Emme, for making sure that I have proofs of my love for him to show some years down the road, of how I have always prayed for and loved him even before I could finally meet him. Love it!

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