The One Year Plan

ImageWhile reading a backdated copy of Reader’s Digest many moons back, I read with fascination real life story of a few families who took the plunge to live the dreams of a lifetime by selling off physical possessions like cars and houses thus set sail on a seafaring life.

Imagine ordinary family people — store owner, teacher, general manager, who hopefully are experienced in the nautical know-how beyond the ability to hand, and reef and steer, set sail into the great expanse of the sea harnessing the great propulsions of winds, watch the many captivating sunrise and sunset with the birds, eat, sleep, home-school their kids and experience the oceanic life all from their own magnificent and stunning sailing yacht.

Some of them set out with a dream to circumnavigate around the world while some, in a span of few years, would come to a berth at different port harbours at the Pacific or somewhere in Central America for a week to replenish food and daily needs, meet some interesting new friends —- most commonly navy officers and vessel owners, before casting off the dock line for yet another triumphant adventure.

Every time I hear of fantasy stories as such, my entire being is catapulted into the smiling crescent moon where my lively imagination resides and when my sweltering desire to unload onto my definitely better half would find its way to seek an audience with an overwhelmed Daddy Joe, even if it is for all but a few sheer seconds of attention.

Daddy Joe and I were finally enjoying an unobstructed and overdue date away from our three happiest little people at the Artisan Roast in TTDI when the seven2sevenmom came out with this brilliant plan to emulate these seafaring folks albeit with a more wholesome and grounded twist.
‘So here’s the thing, Daddy Joe,” I said with a squeal of childlike thrill to my ever-patient mono audience, after painting him with the glorious details of ordinary people living an astounding oceanic life in other parts of the world.

“Have you thought of the possibility of the what-ifs? What if we left our respective day job for just a year, pack up our kids and move into somewhere in Norway, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, or UK and start to live simply without the madness of the rat race we are in now and TRULY experience life, submerging ourselves in nature, travel extensively to visit all the gorgeous national parks in that country, pick up the fallen leaves in Autumn and let the kids have fun with snowballs in the Winter?”

“We would find a small cottage by the rolling mountain with a vast green field right in front of us, perhaps run a Chinese bakery or a fish farm and be partly self-sufficient with food planting veges in our garden,” I nattered away.

Daddy Joe’s face lit up immediately — “What about the kids and their schools?” “We can home school them! Why, we can teach them how to fish and learn about the different types of fish, other cultures and history from our neighbours, and better yet we would have such fantastic bond with them that I bet that when they grow up and look back, they would think that THAT one year when we had dropped everything that give us stress today – including all these Ipad, TV and technology stuff, and instead trade for the simple joy in life as a family the best time of their lives!” I was flabbergasted with the brilliant idea of my fantasy.

Daddy Joe beamed his approval of the great idea and added on abruptly, “I know Darling! We could have this dream, this life and this wonderful plan in Kota Bharu!”

“Remember my grandpa’s abandoned wooden house by the bustling road side? He has a few chickens… and the sea is not too far off, oh and if I shall recall correctly, there is some hills just few kilometres away from the old house.”

My jaw dropped, aghast. Clearly, this man is a home town boy who is still planning for a homecoming in the country he has lived his whole life and still desire more, just when the wifey is hatching the plan of a one year break in a faraway land with four seasons!

I decided that whether my man was going to agree with me or not is irrelevant. As far as I am concerned, there was a great jubilation over my fantasy erupting deep within.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

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