Naming the baby

The day we found out the sex of our baby no. 3 was the first time the two happiest little people, i.e. Cheeky Koko and Pumpkin Mei-Mei ever set foot in a gynae clinic.

Being the eldest and the more curious one, Cheeky Koko stood next to the gynae as the doctor did a routine scan over my baby bump. As the doctor explained patiently to Cheeky Koko that he was doing a 3D scan over mommy to see if the baby was growing happily inside mommy’s tummy, Cheeky Koko asked the doctor if he had to wear the special 3D glasses to see the baby “pop out” from the screen. He thought it was a 3D experience, like watching 3D movies in the cinema!

It's a baby boy!

Few minutes into the scan we found out that the baby was a boy after all, as what Cheeky Koko had always wanted for our 3rd baby. We also erupted into a blissful joy because secretly the rest of us was also hoping for a baby boy to add even more uproarious laughter and activities to the happiest little family on earth.

As we imagined the sea of baby blue colours that are soon donning every corner of our home, Cheeky Koko and Pumpkin Mei-Mei set about the task of naming their baby brother excitedly.

We are starting to see baby blue everywhere

There was the usual Adam, Isaac, Jack, Ben, Peter and Marcus. The list got so long that the two even had the name list moved from a paper to our family room’s white board. We got to stop them from getting over-crazy when names of Pokemon and cartoon characters started appearing on the list such as Raichu and Catapie!

It’s all good now as naming the baby seems to be a good family past time until our no.3 gets a real boy name – An english name, a Chinese name and definitely his own nickname in his mama’s blog.

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