Hello Hong Kong!

crowdsOctober 2010, Hello Hong Kong. As our plane taxied off into the beautiful skyline, I wanted to thank Sir Tony Fernandez, founder of Air Asia, that truly, his grand motto of Now Everyone Can Fly had made our wildest dream of visiting the oriental Disneyland achievable because of the cheap airfares.

Now, Hong Kong is not exactly a subdued island of the Orient akin to a dignified Asian girl with her sweetest voice and submissive but quiet strength. Noise, human talking noise in particularly muffed our ears in the Pearl of the Orient and actions, speed and more speed dotted everywhere on the streets even though one was actually sheltering inside a quaint coffee-house on the corner of the street. Almost immediately after you thought you had just had the pleasure of stealing the moment of quiet indulgence, the city beckoned to hush you away for more actions after actions before you could say Welcome to Hong Kong!

Because the wise seven2sevenmom wasn’t that wise this round, the happiest family on earth was oblivious to the fact that the weather could be quite chilly during night-time, which explained why we had not packed any jackets or cardi for the trip. So we spent the first night doing nothing but ransacking a suburb mall to buy whatever that was on sales to keep us warm. Thank God for Uniqlo for the big seasonal sales!nite

Next, we tried on a local desserts house called Honeymoon Desserts with its acclaimed menu. Who knew Mango pancake and sweet potato delights could be so yummy-licious-listic! Filling our stomach to the max, we then took a nice walk around the area just enjoying the cool weather.

Black must be the stylish language spoken here! To blend or fit in with the local people, a black outer coat or jacket seemed to be a stylish staple that everyone donned, as they walked past us dressed in a black dignified jacket after another. Only we Malaysian folks came dressed in the silliest colours (and the happiest family must admit, the riot of colours was a testimony to our priority for sales over style) singing a non-conforming tune only we could understand.

The next day we took the Disney MTR to the land where dreams do come true. The two happiest little people on earth were bursting with joy and dreamy eyes as they stepped into their mecca of imaginations and dreams. The performances were outstanding, the rides and the parade were simply breathtaking. Even Daddy Joe was beaming with a kind of childhood joy as we walked down the Disney avenues dotted with the cutest Disney characters and fanfare. Because it was the Halloween season, a rare sight of “ghost” talents filled the street that would make Michael Jackson’s Thriller MTV looked pale in comparison. Why, there was even a haunted mansion created specially for the fun season, not to mention the nightly fireworks that was all themed with ghosts and evil witches. Spectacular!

Two days before we left Hong Kong, Daddy Joe’s god-sister, Pretty Bee, who had graciously let us stay in her tiny apartment took us to the Victoria Peak for the best cuisines of our lifetime at the Peak Café. We were lucky enough to snap the pix of a Husky owned by one of the café patrons.

We then hiked off its walking trail when Cheeky Koko and Pumpkin Mei-Mei had the best time being amused by the beautiful forests of ferns and vines.

By the time we got on the plane and headed home, the happiest family on earth decided to save every cent it would take for the next few years to go back to Hong Kong, completely charmed by this oriental gem!

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