Totally Perfetto! (Part 2 of Perfetto!)

I decided to surprise him with a rather unconventional method. I summoned Daddy Joe to the bathroom with a loud scream, “Dear, there is a big cockroach in our cabinet!” Despite his favorite car show program on TV, he came to my rescue in his usual heroic enthusiasm, knowing his usually calm and composed wifey has a perpetual hatred for all creepy crawly pests.

He couldn’t find the purported enemy and after a few pointers from the wifey, found the white blue stick tied with a ribbon that had TWO positive blue lines on it.

“Huh? What’s this?” (A man who is in complete denial should be forgiven under extremely stressful situation).”

“Urm, a pregnancy test,” I replied patiently. “Whose?”(Again, patience is key). “Last I check, it’s mine, I mean, ours,” came my nonchalant reply. Visibly shocked, there was then a smile, which almost looked like it was forced out of his tightened facial muscle, he asked “So we are having a baby, again?” “Yes, honey, we are having a No. 3!”

A baby in the making for seven2sevenmom

Silence. Silence. Silence. What seemed like an eternity of silence – his brain signal must have worked its hardest to calm every fibrous nerve in his body before a smile came genuinely from the happy pit of his heart. “Wow” was all that he could say before we embraced each other for the sweetest news we have heard in years.

The next few weeks that followed were a rush of joyous emotions as we slowly shared the news with our family and friends and thanked God for this one baby who would complete the happiest little family almost a decade after his or her parents have had the first baby.

Fast forward to now. I’m blissfully enjoying my 3rd month of pregnancy. I recalled how the same man who thought two kids were just as perfect had the bargaining session with me just over a year ago now has to agree that somehow, God loves a woman slightly more – He grants the woman what she wants and agrees with her that kids are the greatest blessing in life.

Look, who's there?

As for the man, he is over the moon now. And there are days that the woman swears she could see his biggest smile even more so than the woman as he and his wifey proudly await the arrival of another baby to love and to hold. Totally perfetto, wouldn’t you say.

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