I said “six”.
“Three,” he said.
“Four” I looked at the end products intently.
“No, two,” he said, trying to wipe away the perspiration from his forehead with the back of his hand.
“Two now, but later, four.” I replied, not planning to give up as we approach the end of our bargaining session.
“No, no, no, ma’am. Two now, later also two, in fact two all the way,” the man stared back at me with disbelief. He never met a master bargainer so determined in his entire lifetime.
“Fine, three then” I exclaimed, walking away from where the man in his pagoda singlet and checked prints shorts was standing, assuming I would get three. THREE. No more, no less.

I wasn’t bargaining for the number of mullets I was getting from the fish monger at the local market, if that was what it looked like.

I was haggling it out with Daddy Joe on the number of kids I thought would be nice for the happiest family on earth. It’s been a long debate since I gave birth to Pumpkin Mei-Mei, our latest addition to the family some while back.

My purpose is simple: Kids add joy to life. His explanation is clear: After all these years of bringing up the two happiest babies on earth to kids, it’s about time to focus a little more on life besides diapers and kids-related chores. Obviously this matter takes two to tango, and I’m the only one on the dancing floor now with my over-embellished, sumptuous costume waiting hopelessly in the last few years for some divine intervention to change Daddy Joe’s thoughts.

Of course, there was a point in life I was glad that we only had two kids so that we could both build our career paths which we often passed on previously to focus on our family. That is, until some what-ifs struck you as you approach another birthday and make you realise just how much you miss having a bun in the oven. Of how good a baby’s head smells. How she gives back the seeds of love you sowed in her life through her endearing smile that seems to sweep all your sorrow away.

There’s never a magic number as to how many kids each family should ideally have. It is purely a divine blessing that only the Creator can grant. For now, what is given by God to the happiest family on earth just seems like a perfect cup of Mocha coffee – soothingly creamy, warm and fuzzy, a little fun with just the right flavour of life and blissfully stirred and served. Too much of chocolate could even be a little overwhelming to the chocoholic.

At this season of our life, two is just perfetto!

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