See you at the bottom

Sometimes you’ve just got to give a standing ovation when it comes to workers’ creativity in giving excuses for tardiness, absences or wanting to take hours off from work. One particular staff recently drove me insane with lame excuses all involving his “aunties” which warranted taking emergency leave (EL) for the day.

The sms read: Sorry boss, am on EL as aunty had a bad accident. A few days later, this message: My aunt is on the verge of dying, need to return to hometown to attend funeral. Fair enough, I granted him EL out of compassion. A few weeks later, another sms read “Sorry, can’t make it to work, aunt passed away”. And you would think it would be the end of story for this poor aunt, that life would resume normally for this particular staff. But weeks later, another aunt fell ill. Then yet another aunt also died the next month, two weeks after an uncle, urr… also died!

Not sure if any of you have heard of this widely circulated theory i.e. the “six degrees of separation” that at the end of the day, humans are related to one another in some way or another. I prayed so hard I wasn’t genetically or socially linked to this guy in any way that I might be his cousin related from 30th generations ago, I sure do NOT want to be cursed like his “dead aunts”. I’m certain they must have fell ill after what he said, even if they had not before.

I feel sorry that some of these younger people have chosen to waste their prime years Not wanting to be the humble employee with the right attitude and EQ. Instead of being eager to learn the ropes in work and in life, so many are full of excuses to fail.

They take medical leave with minor physical discomfort such as backache (at age 24) and eye pain (who could go on facebook for four hours on end at work), when they are more alive and kicking at their MUCH younger age than mine and could gulp down Guinness to drown their purported sickness. So are the daredevils who perpetually arrive later than the bosses and blame anything from traffic to their sick hamster.

I must say that the good old days of finding staff who are committed to their work are long gone. I even have a classic staff with whom I would reserve for the Most Blur Award. After the third time of explaining to her the step-by-step procedure for a project, she “miraculously” forgets she was supposed to do it by the deadline.

At such junior level, one is already bending the rules for success, what happen when they move up the corporate ladder? Until that happens, my guess is such lax and slipshod way is definitely the holy way to career destruction.

Remember, no one is indispensable to any organisation. Unless you are going to change your way, the boss has every right to say ”See you at the bottom.”

3 thoughts on “See you at the bottom

  1. ask this guy to sit right in front of you look straight to your eyes and tell him point blank that you do not buy all his lies. Next time all such leave will not be granted.EL is only meant for next of kin and critical sickness must be supported by medical report form doctor not by what he tells
    you! Sometime we become hard hearted because of these irresponsible staff.

    • It’s also a generational gap between me, an old schooler, who believes work should be done whole heartedly with what our employer entrust us to do and these young staff, who believe they have already arrived in life. But yah, mostly it’s their irresponsibility. Sigh, finding committed staff are like searching for a needle on the sea bed.

  2. Yupe, nobody is indispensable (“to the left to the left everything you own in the box to the left” feels like Beyonce is singing “Irreplaceable” in my ears).
    But don’t give up to grow your good papaya trees…

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