Botak Botak, handsome tak?

“Papa has a pair of cat’s ears!” exclaimed Pumpkin Mei-Mei amusingly, while rubbing Daddy Joe’s head in an exaggerated manner. Daddy Joe was undisturbed by all the hoo-ha over his new shaved head. Instead, he focused intensely on the idiot box, where the highlights of last night’s FIFA World Cup 2010 drove him and million other fanatic football fans across every corner of the earth to unite over one ball.

I watched his new hair style that resembled the finest Persian carpet from the side – Visible slight thinning of hair formed the shape of a pair of cat’s ears from the front. While scores of men and women spend thousand of ringgit over hair loss treatment to boost their morale and vanity, my man decided that his full head of hair was best shaved to rid of its heaviness.

In its new state of emptiness, Daddy Joe’s head resembles a desolate land in the aftermath of wildfires sweeping through a dense forest, now glistening with the morning sun. Whereas some guys with very strong facial feature rock being bald, what’s with completing the look with a sexy goatee, I think normal dudes like Daddy Joe still look better with his former crown and glory.

Nonetheless, knowing that this is a passage of life thing when the man’s got to do, what a man’s got to do, especially this marks the fulfillment of a personal and social cause for little children who had lost their hair to chemotherapy and radiation, I am very proud of his decision to go all the way out for it. I could almost feel the liberation he felt for being able to let go of his vanity, just like an old chinese saying that says “one should be able to leave his belonging as easily as when he first made the decision to own it”. This is insanely mane-ly!

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