When Love Found You (Part 1)

It has to be the season of love now, right here around me. There’s a certain hush – wedding bells, blushing cheeks, dreamy gazes, champagne toasts, engagements, hens parties and at least three invitations in a month to witness the union of Man and Woman.

A younger girlfriend who recently found love told me it took her 6 months to accept the man she was seeing, and even then every few steps it would still be an over-cautious walk of faith. Unfortunately one can become skeptical, especially when the previous hurts were too daunting. It envelopes your heart like a layer of glacier ice – a cold reservoir of painful decisions accumulated over past and present experience. One day over instant noodles lunch, this friend asked if I would accept a man with a job that is not conventional nor office bound had I was still single.

Love: When two walk in one same pace towards a single direction

I put down my chopsticks and told her I happened to know a friend who loved a man with a door-to-door sales job, selling children’s books, household items and even club memberships walking table to table at mamak stalls and restaurants some years ago. ‘Life was tough financially because the man had come from a very humble background. He was a sweet and hard-working man nonetheless. The girl saw the inner strength in him that nobody saw and stuck to him for the great man that he would become one day. She even encouraged him whenever they had to ride on his motorbike or public transportation for their date. They shared the same simple dream of raising up a family with good values, of building careers that would let them one day buy the car and house of their dreams. They supported each other’s dreams and stuck to each other together through the ups and downs of life.

Not that they are rich and famous now, but at least they both have a stable career, a small car each and a small but cosy pad for their family. They are also still very much in love with the husband still calling the wife at the same time everyday which he had even set it on his handphone to remind himself, how’s that for being old-school sweet?’ I continued, while moving to the pantry shelf to make my cuppa.

“That friend of yours is really noble,” girlfriend said. “Well my dear, you see, when they started, not that she had a particularly great career nor did she come with a Hilton as her last name. Yet he put in his equal portion of trust and faith in seeing her into the future. I guess for her, she also found the right person just as willing as her to take the responsibility and faith of being in love, just like you now.” I said, stirring my perfect cuppa with a wink.

“Are they happy?” she obviously needed the last boost of assurance. “Oh yes, she called her family the happiest people on earth in her blogs”. I said with a smile before leaving the pantry, knowing that Daddy Joe was calling me in five sec to check how my day went at the office, just like the last nineteen years.

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