They Had Me At Hello

I submerged my maternal aspirations to make a living in the fast lane of fashions retail in the last decade.

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Mama hen gotta do what's she's got to do despite loving to be a mom always!

Nothing bad about that. In fact it’s been a crazily hectic but exciting learning curve that would not have come by had I ended up as say, a shrink, an Aunt Agony columnist, or a teacher, I reckon.
Despite the horrific tales of bosses from different planets for many people, I was extremely blessed to get to know many a great ones along the way who were most instrumental in being the mentor of the seasons of my life with their wisdom and selfless, trusting instinct. There was my first boss Mr. J who taught me all the hard-and-fast rules of writing and Public Relations – being once a well-respected editor himself. My next superior Mr. C gave me my first taste in fashions, providing the stepping stone to my career in retail and I even started looking at visuals in a whole new way. He also started making me see promotions in a sort of out of the box approach, till this day he’s still sending me marketing ideas via emails from his new home in US.
Next came Ms. L whose openness to new ideas and strategic view points earned my respect. Being a hands-on head of division of a leading regional company, she had no qualms walking sites in her branded heels while constantly being brilliant with her foresight. Oh and she loves Prada too, hooray!
With two happiest little people coming along, extremely long hours at work often was an issue at home that I took a break at home for a few months. I wasn’t thrilled with the boss then – myself! Could have been better had I was more skilled at cooking and getting the house chores done on time.
Ms. A who was my next boss was a jar of inspirations from the start. She was the one who told me I ought to know and love the products I was managing like my palm inside out. Being an elegant stunner, she is still well-loved in the industry for her generosity and friendly demeanor.
Mr. V who was an expatriate won my vote for his utmost trust and openness to trying out new things and took even a less than perfect decision made by us as a necessary learning experience that we needed to move on as a group. He even taught me how to analyse every decision from the bottom-line point of view though I’m numerically challenged!Free pix courtesy of
My present employer, Mr. J, generously sheds lights and dispenses great advice from his years of wisdom and experience and to top it all up, is extremely detailed and humble despite the many hats he has to wear as head of a company. And he gives credits to where it’s due.
It may not be boss’ day just yet and I don’t think any of these great men and women of my times would ever read this, but here’s cheers to many a great mentors who had me at hello at all the different points of my life and career. Cheers and yum seng to y’all.

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