The Green Family In The Making

Of late my mornings sorta end up with me screaming horrifically of the discovery of my unavoidable aging process physically and mentally. No matter how careful you try to skip it over gracefully, the three-zero reality stares cruelly at your soul each time you look into the mirror.

Well if I need to be very critical on the physical changes one goes through when stepping up the age I must say I do have some crows’ feet but it’s not THAT much too. If I add a dose of enthusiasm to it, it shows I’m building depth to the windows to my soul. Then again, I suspect inside my body some irreversible processes are already taking place to add more unsightly marks onto my organs and body .

Make way for green happiness

A conversation with a few female co-workers got me started thinking about embracing the whole ageless-living in a refreshing way. After the conversation I started stocking up on organic foods, from the likes of adding more organic greens into my diet to organic non-diary milk, enzyme drinks, even consuming organic seafood. I don’t want to think of it as just solely for vanity sake, more of because I want to stay strong for the two happiest little people on earth. Of course, if along comes vanity it would be a bonus very much welcomed.

When I announced to Daddy Joe the Great Green movement has arrived in my lifestyle, and I may change to be a vegetarian by end next year (still want to give myself one year of feasting like a lioness), he stared at me with utter disgust. First of all, I’m talking to a hardcore carnivore. Second of all, he would rather spend it on his pet, his brother’s cruiser bike he temporarily rides, possibly with an imagery younger, more beautiful wife, who is surely not yours truly.


One step at a time, I need to go buy some vegetarian recipe books to create delicious, wholesome vegetarian meals.

Vege is the new sexy

Then I will switch to organic skin care to be kind to my body. May be I will also start to google on how to make this transition gently within the happiest family on earth.

Had I become one hot, green mama successfully in a year, I bet Daddy Joe would consider taking me on his bike and ditch that imagery wife instead. So go on, take one green at a time so that others will be green with envy of your new found youth, no pun intended, of course.
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