I mother therefore I work

INSPIRATION ~ the process that take place when sb sees or hears sth that causes them to have exciting new ideas or makes them want to create sth, especially in art, music or literature (Oxford Dictionary)

Some time ago I was cleaning up our white bookshelf in the study and found that I have piles of books on motherhood for every season of the journey. All of them were written by brilliant women who have seem to find the ultimate secret to balance motherhood and work; or motherhood with marriage; or motherhood with me-time and the list goes on, to the extent that I could almost dedicate this whole bookshelf to MOTHERHOOD TIPS. Yah, I have THAT many of those books.

Over the years, one particular book by Patricia Sprinkle titled Women Who Do Too Much becomes my spiritual booster read for those days when work becomes overwhelmingly draining¬† and you start to wonder where on earth did you just spend the last ounce of you energy, and like some animated 60-watt light bulb that just burst into your existence, you realise your very energy was with the kids, or the crumbs on the couch, or the crayon wax on your laptop. The man whom you married should count the day’s blessing if he managed to get some attention too.

I don’t know if it’s a scenario that exists only at this part of the earth but longs hours of work seem to be expected of workplace mothers in this country. Not that at your first job interview you could tell your employer, “Look, I have to rise at 6am, brush two sets of teeth, oh… three if you count mine, and subsequently get into a frenzy race of time to get through school uniforms, domestic chores, not to mention the homecooked breakfasts I prepared before they are changed four hundred times by two mini earthlings to get it right, and finally to race it like Michael Schumacher to get to two different towns (only more challenging because I have to make sure my eyeliner land on the right place of my eye lids!) and let me not even go to THE part after work… So you think I am hired?”

So here it is, a blog dedicated to share my numbness with all these crazy moments in my life, seven pm to seven am to be exact in raising up two very happy little people on earth. Happy reading!

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